AI-driven market analytics for funeral homes

We partnered up with ASA Analytics to build a product that gives funeral home owners a simple way to see their business compared to their competitors’ and where future opportunities might be, using obituary data found online and held by state governments.

We first built a failure-aware network of “spiders” to crawl millions of pages each month. Then we trained a series of neural networks to tag and parse key information out of the obituaries we crawled. Once we had the data cleaned and indexed, we designed and built an intuitive dashboard for funeral home owners, the primary users of the app.

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Funeral Services


6 month initial build, ∞ ongoing partnership


Product Design & Development

Machine Learning

Web Scraping




PyTorch + more

“I continue to be impressed by the talent and capabilities of the Metto team. They consistently push the boundaries of what we think is possible in our product.”

Michael Anderson, ASA Analytics


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