Agility Connect

Job referral platform for the tech industry
Agility Connect


Help recruiters fill open roles and referrers get paid via incentivized referrals


Build a platform that connects recruiters with folks in the tech industry who may know candidates fit for certain roles


A product that fills open roles quickly by leveraging tech industry workers’ social networks via incentivized referrals

A platform for recruiters, referrers, and job seekers alike

As you may know, the tech industry is booming, and there are plenty of openings to be filled with qualified candidates. Agility Connect gives referrers the opportunity to leverage their personal network to help their connections find jobs and get a little bonus in the process.

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  • UX
  • Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Development


  • React
  • Redux
  • Python/Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
App Screenshots

Visual Design

A visual identity to draw candidates' interest

With our primary audience being workers in the tech industry, we knew we would be held to a high standard from a design standpoint. We pulled out all the stops in an attempt to build a unique visual identity of a forward-thinking, tech-focused brand.

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UI Design

Getting users to the jobs they want without friction

We wanted users to be able to narrow down the jobs they were looking without having to visit every single job that we had in our database. We wanted them to be able to filter out the most important ones, which generally meant that they would be focused on the most recent, highest paying jobs in their particular branch of work.

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Keeping candidates informed throughout the hiring process

As a candidate is referred, Agility Connect logs both the candidate and the referrer, and as the candidate moves through the hiring process, Agility Connect keeps the referrer in the loop by sending them an email any time their candidate’s status changes. It was important to our users that they stay informed every step of the way as their candidate made way through the interview process.